Commercial Property Investment: Decorating Hacks

paintingWe all love a well decorated home, don’t we? Commercial property investment spaces are no different. Although primarily geared for business purposes, an office or store should never feel blah and boring. Apart from functionality, they too have to be pleasant. After all, it’s hard to be productive in an ugly room.

Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite decorating hacks to make sure that your commercial property investment is one show stopper!

  • Add color to your walls. – Or pattern if you prefer it. It doesn’t even have to be done to each and every wall. Changing up the colors can help set a mood while an accent wall that pops makes for a bold statement.
  • Keep it spacious. – When decorating, it is important to keep space and mobility in mind. Commercial establishments have so much going on in them that cramped spaces not only hinder productivity but it also opens doors for accidents.
  • Measure everything. – Before buying any piece of furniture, make sure to measure the space in which it is set to be placed to save yourself from all the trouble later.
  • Think ergonomic. – Spaces need to be decorated and built in such a way that it allows safety and ease of movement. Avoid sharp and abrupt corners. Keep furniture and décor pretty but also safe so avoid anything that might easily break, spill or those that can puncture or cause accidents.
  • Invest in storage. – This is the best way to wage war on clutter. Make sure to provide ample storage space be it through shelving, cabinets, file boxes, spacious desk drawers and the like.
  • It’s all in the details. – Remember that even the smallest of details can make a difference. For example, a few succulents and plants can easily brighten up and change the mood of any room. A simple wall gallery can make a bland looking wall more interesting.
  • Add a random element. – Lastly, make sure to add some random element into the mix. Think quirky and out of the box. This should give enough juxtaposition to make the office or store appear interesting and unique.

Remember, when somebody walks into your commercial property investment be it an employee, a business partner or a client, it pays to make impressions count. The way that the office or store feels makes quite a striking feeling that people will remember you by.

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