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Types of Investment Properties for Sale in UK

types of investmentProperties come in all shapes and sizes, even types too so today we decided to educate you about the various options out there. Each one serves a particular purpose and use. Knowing what these types of investment properties for sale in UK are available shall guide you in your acquisition endeavors. Now, carry on and read!

COMMERCIAL assets, as its name suggests, is attributed to businesses but they are geared towards backend operations or simply offices instead of shops. They can be a standalone building or a bigger structure divided into various spaces used by numerous occupants. A key characteristic to this type lies in its accessibility, in other words its location. Commercial properties are often situated in downtown and metropolitan areas where much of a city or town’s movement and activity goes on.

RETAIL properties are in some way commercial properties too but they are used for frontend operations where the selling point or trade of goods and/or services occurs. Stores and boutiques, malls and shopping centers are popular examples of retail assets. Although a good number of these assets are for sale, majority of them are on a lease. Like the first type, they bank a lot on accessibility and location, plus a good amount of foot traffic.

INDUSTRIAL assets refer to special purpose structures or buildings that act as storage units, distribution hubs and manufacturing facilities. This is why warehouses and factories fall under this category. They come with big and highly flexible features too given their specific purpose. Some industrial properties are located near bustling cities, in it or far from it depending on its intended purpose.

RESIDENTIAL properties include condominium units, houses, apartments, townhomes, private resorts and similar assets. Judging by its name and examples, they are meant for personal occupancy and are therefore living spaces.  They may be used for either singular or multiple occupancy. An example of the latter would be apartment buildings that various tenants. These residential units can be personally owned or leased.

MIXED USE assets are a combination of any of the above types of investment properties for sale in UK. Take the owner of an apartment building downtown. He leases out the ground floors to convenience stores, restaurants and cafes (retail). The next three floors, he then leases out as office space for various businesses (commercial) while the rest of the floors are rented out as apartment units (residential).